Compact - Working Together - Better Together

The Sunderland Compact aims to make the National Compact a reality at local level by strengthening working relationships between voluntary and community sector organisations and local public sector organisations.

What is a Compact?

Compact is an agreement between government and the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) to improve their relationships for mutual advantage and community gain. 

The Sunderland Compact should be seen as an enabling mechanism to enhance the existing relationship between statutory organisations and the voluntary and community sector.

The Compact recognises the complementary role and diversity of organisations across Sunderland's Voluntary and Community Sector; the value of the sector in the design, development and delivery of policy and services; the critical role of the sector; and the importance of its continued independence.

The Compact has been adopted by agencies involved in the Sunderland Partnership, and Voluntary and Community Sector organisations across Sunderland, for the benefit of the people of Sunderland, and supports the delivery of the Sunderland Strategy vision: Creating a better future for everyone in Sunderland: 

  • Sunderland will be a welcoming, international city where people have the opportunity to fulfil their aspirations for a healthy, safe and prosperous future.
  • The Sunderland Compact is signed by individual organisations of the Sunderland Partnership and individual Voluntary and Community Sector organisations in Sunderland.
  • The implementation of this Compact and supporting Codes of Practice within organisations is the individual responsibility of signatories. Where organisations do not follow these commitments, they must satisfy themselves that, if asked, they have good reasons for not doing so.

The Sunderland Compact and its supporting Codes of Practice have been endorsed by the Sunderland Partnership.