Charity Digital Code of Practice

Have your say on the Charity Digital Code of Practice

Charities from across the UK are invited to contribute to the UK’s first Charity Digital Code of Practice which is due to launch in November this year. The code, which will aim to help charities improve their digital skills and increase their take up of digital activity, is being funded by Lloyds Banking Group and the Co-op Foundation. It will be voluntary and free to access, please do join in and take part in the consultation to inform the Code’s development.

NAVCA our national body has contributed to the drafting of the Code, representing our wider members and the unique challenges and priorities they have. Some of our members have also had chance to comment on the early draft stages of the Code, with particular relevance to the small and local charities they support. Any Code of Practice needs to be accompanied by practical support for it to be relevant to charity and voluntary sector organisations. That is why it is important to have your say and play a vital role in making sure practical support is available to all organisations in the community.

The feedback already given has influenced the current version of the code but we still encourage you our members to get involved with the consultation and help to give the Code even more meaning and relevance. 

You can see the resources that have been developed so far and take part in the consultation here.