#iwill Take Action Fund

The Fund is open to applications until 31st December 2018.

The #iwill Take Action Fund provides grants under three themes:

•Our Physical Environment: We want to empower young people to make the communities they live in a better place.
•Our Health: We want to encourage young people to tackle health issues that affect their community.
•Our Culture: We want young people to use art and media as a tool to raise awareness of the issues that matter to them and their communities.

We are looking for projects working with young people in the North East aged 10 to 20 or up to 25 for disabled people. To be able to apply you must provide evidence that young people are involved in the planning and delivery of your project. Activities must include volunteering, campaigning or fundraising.

Applications can be from £10,000 to £60,000.

For more information on the Fund and how to apply visit our website.