Organisational development

We offer a range of support services to help both new and established groups to better meet their aims and objectives and the needs of local people.  

We can help you

  • Research the need for your project, identify gaps in local service provision.
  • Research and collect evidence of need for appropriate funding match
  • Develop the governance of your organisation including choosing a legal structure that best meets the purpose of your group and ensuring your trustees meet their legal obligations
  • Develop a strategy for your organisation and write a business plan to meet the organisations objectives 
  • Identify funders and develop funding applications including partnership bids and contracts tenders
  • Manage your finances, including bookkeeping, monitoring income and expenditure, preparing for an audit and budgeting for multiple projects and services
  • Recruit, induct and manage your staff and develop your policies and procedures to help your organisation run smoothly and effectively 
  • Identify where your organisation could improve and set in place plans to achieve that improvement
  • Consult with partners, service users and the wider public
  • Put in place monitoring and evaluation systems to meet funder requirements and demonstrate the impact of your work