Spectrum Sunderland

Spectrum Sunderland officially met on the 10th January 2018, to hold its Information and Consultation day at St Nicholas Church Hall, Sunderland.  This provided an ideal opportunity to openly discuss thought provoking conversation of what Spectrum could and couldn't be. It  showed that there is real appetite from the voluntary and community sector to come together and work in true partnership for the greater benefit and greater good of the people of Sunderland.

Whilst it is only the second meeting of the voluntary and community sector in Sunderland, this has created a renewed energy and the start of a what can only be, a way forward to gaining a better understanding/knowledge of the bigger picture for collaborative working in the city. Recognising the valuable and independent role of the sector, we can show that it can be pro-active and not-just wait to be commissioned but through action research and identifying gaps and needs in the city, address the much needed support for the people of Sunderland. 

Actions from the day include: 

  • Share Spectrum Membership Prospectus, Membership Application and Criteria
  • VCAS to meet individually with front line VCSE organisations - Re: Spectrum Membership 
  • Mapping exercise to look at what's strong among the sector, be clear of current provision, cross fertilization, themes and geographies
  • Continue to full application of CLLD for Spectrum Sunderland 
  • Date, Time and Venue of next meeting to be agreed. 

To request a copy of the Membership Prospectus and Membership Application please Contact: Dave Logan - dave@vcas.org.uk Tel: 0191 5651566