Sunderland VCS Area Networks

Sunderland Voluntary and Community Sector Area Networks

The Voluntary and Community Sector Area Network (VCS) is a fantastic resource for the local voluntary and community sector to come together, share and discuss local business with the city council.  

VCS Networks operate across the  five areas of the City, they take place in the; Coalfields, East, North,Washington and West of the City of Sunderland.


LOCAL INFORMATION: for the latest information on all dates, times and venues of all 5 Area VCS Networks in 2018 please contact, the City Council Area Development Lead Officer as they can be subject to change


Coalfields Area Community Development Lead –  Pauline Hopper  

Email:   Telephone:  0191 5617912

Coalfield VCS Network  


East Area Community Development Lead –  Nicol Trueman

Email:  Telephone: 0191 5611162

East VCS Network



The North Area Community Development Lead - Vivienne Metcalf  

Email:   Telephone: 0191 5614577

North VCS Network 


Washington Area Community Development Lead –  Karon Purvis.

Email:      Telephone: 0191 561 2449

Washington VCS Network 


West Area Community Development Lead -  Gilly Stanley.

Email:  Telephone:  0191 5611161

West VCS Network